Majority SWIM



Situated in the centre of Terrassa, the third largest city in Catalonia in terms of population, the main characteristics of this city define our main corporate values to perfection.

  • Terrassa has a textile tradition, and since the start of industrialisation, it has been a textile reference centre, surviving and adapting to all the crises that have emerged.
  • South Europe logistics centre. The city is located in the Catalan region of the Valles, characterised by having a road communication hub chosen by many multinational companies to set up their logistics centres for southern Europe.
  • An area of geographical business innovation, Terrassa is located in the province of Barcelona, a city that is recognised worldwide for its multiple facets. One of the most important is as an innovation and technological concentration centre.

Transversal, 197-199. 08225 Terrassa. Barcelona.
+34 93 735 50 59 ·

Majority Swim owes its name to its specialisation

  • Be this its swimwear fabrics.
  • Its process and finish.
  • Its design and manufacture, all of which is possible in a vertical process.
  • And, of course our know-how acquired over 30 years.

Our team

At our company, we know that behind any good service there must always be a friendly human team that is transparent with our customers.


Our corporate mission is to give the best service with the best quality, causing our customers the least possible concerns, working to seek our objective:

  • Service satisfaction.
  • Quality of our products
  • Commitment